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Here is a peaty treat from the Knockdhu Distillery. The anCnoc Peatheart Batch 1 clocks in at a peat level of 40 ppm phenols.

Please note that this is measured in the malt. Nothing unusual about that, it’s just that Knockdhu have previously made a habit

(and a very positive one at that) of measuring the peat level in the final liquid. I do hope they will continue doing that.

Nose: There is a fire! There must be, there certainly is a lot of smoke! Wood smoke, earthy and rich. Chocolate, malt and soot. A light fruitiness as well, citrus I think. Add to this a pinch of vanilla and cool marzipan and you have yourself a nice dram.

Taste: Medium body and raw-ish mouthfeel (in a good way). Lots of peat on the palate here; maybe more ashes and soot than wood smoke, but it is all here. Chocolate in the back. Earthy. A bit lacking in sweetness and fruits.

Finish: Medium long finish. More oily in character now. Notes of citrus, vanilla and white sugar manage to claw through the thick layer of smoke.


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