Mortlach Special Release 2023 Single Malt Scotch Whisky 58% 700ml

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“The east meets west in this intriguing expression.”Ex-Kanosuke Japanese Whisky & ex-Pinot Noir finishing, 58% ABV

Fun Fact: Diageo recently invested in Kanosuke, further solidifying its commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences.


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Mortlach NAS

Mortlach ‘The Katana’s Edge’ is an expression that defies convention. This bold Mortlach whisky is a fusion of ex-Kanosuke Japanese whisky casks (from Hioki, Japan) and ex-Pinot Noir casks, creating a truly unique profile. At a formidable 58% ABV, it promises a captivating tasting experience.

Tasting Notes: A mystery in every sip; the synergy between ex-shochu casks from Kanosuke and the deep, fruity notes of Pinot Noir is something every whisky lover should experience.


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