Ardbeg An Oa Bbq Smoker Scotch Whisky 46.6% 700ml


The packaging of Ardbeg An Oa is designed to reflect the rugged beauty of the Islay region, with a bold and simple label and a sturdy glass bottle. The label features a detailed illustration of the An Oa peninsula, along with the Ardbeg crest, which is a nod to the distillery’s heritage and tradition.

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This 70cl bottle of Ardbeg An Oa is bottled at 46.6% ABV, which is considered to be a high alcohol content for a Scotch whisky. The higher alcohol content provides a bold and rich flavor, and it is recommended to enjoy this whisky neat or with a drop of water to open up the flavors.

Overall, Ardbeg An Oa BBQ Smoker Scotch Whisky 70cl is a high-quality single malt whisky that offers a rich and complex flavor profile with a strong smoky character. It is a great choice for whisky enthusiasts, as well as anyone looking for a smoky, full-bodied whisky that is perfect for outdoor settings and BBQs.


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